PS Vita/Ps4 Patch update

As mentioned in our previous post, it has been decided to delay the PS Vita release until the game can be brought inline with the upcoming PS4 patch and have both released at the same time.  The PS Vita version with this patch in place is now in testing and hopeful of submission in the next few days.

This means that both the PS4 and PS Vita will be running the same version of the game.  CrossPlay is not expected to make it in to the initial release, if a pre-Christmas release is possible.  The fact that the games will be running the same version does mean that implementation of CrossPlay via patch at a later date should be more likely.

The Patch also includes around 30 new nations to select from as well as new formations to use during the game.

So, hopefully submission can start this week with a target of releasing before Christmas.

Source: Dino Dini’s Twitch Channel