Americas release is now live

Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival is now available in the US Playstation Store. PS4 and Vita versions are available on day one with both titles eligible for cross-buy.  Buy on PS4 and receive the Vita version at no extra cost. Enjoy the game and post you best goals in out…


EU PSVita Release

Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival is now available on the EU store.  This release is cross-buy with the PS4 digital release and owners of KOR PS4 from the PSStore are entitled to download Kick Off Revival to their PSVita at no additional cost. The game is running the save base…

January 2017 Goal of the Month Results

The January Goal of the Month results are in.  Congratulations to Donrob1978 on his winning goal, dribbling almost the length of the pitch. Watch the video of the top 5 here: KORmunity Kick Off Revival Goal of the Month January 2017 5. Postinopazzoide 4. Raduga 3. Raduga 2. Postinopazzoide 1….

Patch 1.04 now live!

The latest patch for Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival is now live. Discuss the patch in the forum and help the team develop the game… Content list: – Improved goalkeeper – New formations/tactics: BALANCED, BLITZ, FALCON, LOCKOUT – ARPA indicator: Shows when player in automatic ai controlled pass received –…

December 2016 Goal of the Month Results

Another month of high quality goals with the decision for best goal becoming tougher each month. The final standings are 5 – DeanJimmy 4 – Raduga 3 – donrob1978 2 – Postinopazzoide 1 – SpaceCoyote This month’s video: Kick Off Revival Goal of the Month – December 2016 5 –…

November 2016 Goal of the Month Results

Another close month this month with some great goals throughout. 5 – DeanJimmy 4 – SpaceCoyote 3 – Skyway73 2 – DeanJimmy 1 – Raduga And new for this month, thanks to TeHu81’s suggestion – Goal of the Month playlist of all entries.

October Goal of the Month Results

The October goal of the month results are in.  Dino spent quite some time assessing all the entries and had some difficulty with the top 3 in-particular. The top 5 with comments by Dino Dini are: Goal of the Month – October 2016 5. SpaceCoyote 4. SpaceCoyote 3. DeanJimmy 2….


Hi, Dino here. Fantastic job by Raduga here, thank you. I look forward to blogging about KOR and giving updates. I’ll be back soon, just wanted to say hi and make a test post. Cheers, -Dino

New Tournament Forums Now Live

As we announced a few weeks ago, we are moving the tournament forums to the main site to help maintain a more streamlined and simple to use community. The new tournament forums are now live on the site and will be used for all future tournaments.  We apologise for…

September GotM results now available

The September Goal of the Month results are not in. Dino found this months entries particularly difficult to separate and asked to add a little description to each goal to explain his decision. Don’t forget to enter Octobers competition. Enjoy the video: Goal of the Month Sept 16 Complete with…

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