Handicap System  


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17/03/2017 3:30 pm  

I heard about plans of an handicap system on twitch and want to dump my thoughts here.

To not scare away new players, if the difference in online ranking points is high, a handicap should be applied on stronger player.

The ideas on the handicap are in range from "No goalkeeper" to less players on the field, depending on the difference of online points. The handicap player on the other side will not lose so many points as currently if he fails to win without goalkeeper and maybe 7 players on the field.

I am afraid this will just let advanced players avoid the "find match" option. I personally don't like to play stronger players if they are limited. Either I play them on full strength or avoid them until I get better... like in any RPG 😉

Instead, I would expect the game tries to link me to a player of similar rank, if possible!

I have my doubt this kind of handicap will attract new players but give old players a bad feeling.

If you would have teams with different stats, so stronger player can select a weak team, you have the problem that people maybe always battle with the two strongest teams to not have an disadvantage, therefore I like the equal teams in KOR.

But if you could decide on a play vs human player (online/offline) if the stats should apply or if you want them equal, that might work. The problem is, you can do this when you invite a player but not on blind date "find match"...

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20/03/2017 11:41 am  

Question need to be discuss, clearly if i always play with handicap it would be fastly boring for oldplayer and play only on invite.  Different stats for team would be great winning different ranking points so if i play with top team i win little ranking but if i win with weak team it will give more points. A netplay table with player available and team selected would be a good solution