[Sticky] Kit Clashes  


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10/02/2017 12:19 pm  

With the introduction of new teams, a new issue was experienced - kit clashes.

The sheer number of team combinations makes checking all of the kit combinations extremely difficult.  Dino has done a lot of work on this to try and ensure clashes will not be a major issue.

If you do experience a kit clash, please report it here.  A thread dedicated to this will make it easier to gather all of the information and provide feedback.  

If possible, please attach a screenshot of the offending clash too.


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11/02/2017 1:37 pm  

I think the problem is not a usual 'Kit Clash' as you would get in real life footy and footy games like PES and Fifa.

With PES and Fifa games you are basically looking at the player as you would a real game on TV, but with KOR you are looking down on the players and therefore the shoulders and arms are what is causing 'clashing'. A team with white sleeves will clash with a team that has an all white shirt. At kick off they look fine, but once the game starts and the speed of the player movements it becomes more difficult to tell them apart

I think the only way this could be 'fixed' (if needed) is to have all one block colour for shirts like Holland, Portugal, Ireland etc.

The kits all look great but for KOR the details on the kits are not needed in my opinion.

Another alternative could be to make Player 1 and Player 2 different colours under the player you are controlling ... if you know what I mean? They are both currently green so perhaps P1 in Red and P2 Blue as an example?

I haven't seen anyone else mention all this so it maybe just me who is having a struggle?

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17/03/2017 5:47 am  

Kit color clashes are one of the needless things in football, and yet they happen again and again. Today's football schedule brought us a number of great matches and funnily a number of them had one thing in common. In the days of black-and-white television, kit clashes were quite a problem, as famously summed up by John Motson’s comment: “For those of you watching in black and white, Spurs are in the all-yellow strip.”

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