Vita & General Update

The latest news for the Vita release is a successful test of the netplay system.  This is a significant step forward and edges the game one step closer to release.

News on a release schedule is expected within the next few days.

Improvements on gameplay are continuing too with goalkeepers still being tweaked as potential weaknesses are identified.

Player selection is under scrutiny along with the keepers as this can be frustrating at times.

Topspin cross has had it’s effectiveness reduced by disabling the automatic receive pass assist (arpa) when a ball is played at high speed.  The move is still possible but should take much more skill to result in a goal.

Long kicks from the keeper have been identified as a control descrepancy which has now been resolved.

Dribbling in to the box with quick changes of direction has been weakend by introducing a ‘fatigue’ feature.  As x is pressed to change direction multiple times in quick succession, your player will fatigue.  This results in the player slowing down so he can be approaced by defending players.

All of these are as a result of fan feedback – please continue posting in the forums and we’ll feed back to Dino!  As always, all suggestions/frustrations are subject to Dino’s final decision, the game design will not be compromised.

Keep checkng back for an update on the Vita release date

Source: Dino Dino’s Twitch Channel