General update

The PSVita build is now running at a steady 60fps throughout and the intermittent crash that was plaguing the game has been resolved.  Both the performance and crash issues were related to the version Unity being used.  A new version was released in the last few days which resolved the problems.

Due to the delay in getting the PSVita version running to a satisfactory and reliable standard, the release schedule is now under discussion.  The initial plan was to release the Vita version as soon as possible and synchronise patch levels with PS4 over updates.  As the delays have moved the release schedule back, this strategy is now being re-considered as significant updates are ready for the PS4 – further widening the gap between the two releases.

Widening the gap will only make synchronising the two releases more difficult over time, prolonging the wait for cross-play between PS4/PSVita.

Further updates will be published as we receive them

Source:  Dino Dini’s Twitch Channel