General Update Vita/PS4

Firstly, Vita release is expected to enter external testing w/c 7th November. If this is successful then the game could be submitted to Sony later the same week.  The initial release will have netplay, but not cross-play with PS4.  The team are confident this is possible and will come in a future update, after release.

Gampeplay refinement continues with the goalkeeper and player selection (joysticker) under the most scrutiny.

Goalkeepers are now performing consistently, with a more detailed decision tree and several bugs removed.  The Joysticker has been re-worked to try and reduce the frustrations experienced during matches; switching when trying to position players, not switching quickly enough for high speed opponent play.  While only a limited number of matches have been played with the new configuration, initial results were positive. Frustration points were few and the moments identified as potential issues with the selection were shown to be user input swaying the decision. While the new joysticker does look to be an improvement, nothing can test like having the changes out for public use.  It will take a few games for players to adjust to the new joysticker, but it does feel more fluid, allowing for a faster, tighter game.

Source: Dino Dini’s Twitch Channel