Patch 1.04 now live!

The latest patch for Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival is now live.

Discuss the patch in the forum and help the team develop the game…

Content list:

– Improved goalkeeper

– New formations/tactics: BALANCED, BLITZ, FALCON, LOCKOUT

– ARPA indicator: Shows when player in automatic ai controlled pass received

– 36 new teams

– Joysticker improvements:
* Better selection of currently controlled player
* Holding down button no longer locks control to a player. Player control will not switch if stick is not fully pushed in a direction.

– Various fixes

– Exploit mitigation:
– 10 second rule – auto kick out if keeper regains possession within 10 seconds.
– Top spin shots do not activate ARPA (more skill required when making use of fast top spin crosses.
– Trap-n-go fatique – Player will slow down if trap and go move used too frequently

– Maximum power of kicks reduced (limiting goal kick strength).
– Reduced header power.Scanner more readable while it is over the crowd/stadium

-Control improvements: Upwards header move if stick is centred on a header

Content Source:

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