October Goal of the Month Results

The October goal of the month results are in.  Dino spent quite some time assessing all the entries and had some difficulty with the top 3 in-particular.

The top 5 with comments by Dino Dini are:

Goal of the Month – October 2016

5. SpaceCoyote 4. SpaceCoyote 3. DeanJimmy 2. Raduga 1. Skyway73 Music: Scott Holmes – Paint By Numbers http://freemusicarchive.org/



Wins ball with a tackle on edge of own area, footwork to position the passes, footwork avoid defender, reverse swerve shot into top corner of net


Wins ball with a tackle, pass received avoiding slide tackle, flick and turn, swerving shot deflected by keeper, ball picked up, draws keeper out then powerful top spin shot swerving away from keeper.


Pass out by keeper, prefect forward ball, trap and go avoid defenders, powerful top spin shot


Starts with pass out from keeper, first pass received avoiding defender, keeps possession, trap and go to focus, perfect swerving cross met with a secure header.


Cross from own half, picked up avoiding defenders, gentle pass, flick up and collect followed by a flick and turn and perfectly aimed shot away from keeper to the far side of the net.

Thanks to everyone for taking part – see you next month


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