KORmunity Forum Changes

We are aware that the current format of the KORmunity forums is causing some level of confusion and may be a potential barrier to activity.  With this in mind, the decision has been made to utilise only one set of forums.

The Tournament forum, at http://kormunity.forumcircle.com will be retired as of Monday 17th October.  Please post your current tournament match posts in that forum until that date to allow the admin team to ensure results are tracked correctly.

The basis of the forum structure will be replicated in the KORmunity.com forums and the admin team of Raduga, JohnVella68 and Tierney-LFC-1990 will remain.  Unfortunately, we have not found a way to transfer any posts that have been made; if you would like to continue a discussion, please create a new thread in the KORmunity forums.

We hope you agree that this change should make interacting with and joining the KORmunity that little bit easier.

Thank you for your continued support


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